Referral Program

At the end of my sessions, so many of my clients rave and say "I can't wait to tell all my friends about this." That makes my heart so happy, especially because word of mouth is vital with this genre of photography. Boudoir requires a lot of trust and vulnerability. Folks are more likely to check it out if their best friend or sibling tried it first. Since I have so many amazing clients already hyping up what I do, it's time to reward that!

This boudoir referral program is simple. When someone inquiries, I will ask if anyone referred them to me. If the answer is yes, I'll record the name of their referrer. Here's the cool part: the person coming in for their session will score a $100 print credit and if you referred them, you'll get a $100 print credit or $50 in cash (paid via PayPal). These credits can be accumulated over time, so if you refer enough people and save your credits, you could get a ton of free art like albums, portfolio boxes, or all the images from your shoot.


How to Earn Print Credits

There are lots of ways you can spread the word about sessions at my Wisconsin boudoir studio, and since you can unlimitedly rack up credits, you're going to want to let people know how empowering these shoots are. 

1. Share on Social Media
The easiest way to score session credits is by sharing your testimonials, photos or thoughts about Buxom Boudoir on social media. Let your followers know that if they mention your name when they inquire, they'll get $100 towards their session art. Tag Buxom Boudoir in your posts to make finding my studio even easier for your followers. 

2. Invite your Friends to the Facebook Group

Most people need months to get to know me and my work before they feel comfortably reaching out. That's why the Facebook group is awesome. It's private and safe, and it gives people a self love community. When they are finally ready to book, make sure they mention your name so you get the credit. 

3. Word of Mouth

Tell your mom! Tell your hairdresser! Tell the cashier at the grocery store! I appreciate word of mouth referrals so much. Be sure to mention the $100 credit they'll get as a referral so that they'll say your name when they inquire. 

A Few Conditions

Cash payouts and credit accumulation will occur only after the ordering appointment of the referral. 

This program is not applicable towards Killer Deals, Boudie Calls, Black Friday, Last Minute Openings or Specialty Sessions. 


The referral can only mention one name. Only one person can get credit for the referral,

Credits cannot be transferred to another person or used for gift certificates. 

You can refer people to me whether you've done a session or not, and there's no limit to how much print credit you can receive.  

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