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100 Reasons to Book a Boudoir Photo Shoot

There are so many (SO MANY) reasons that you should experience a boudoir shoot. No matter what your fears or insecurities are about boudoir, I’ve got a reason that says you should do it!

1) You’re getting married and you need a gift for your spouse. 2) You’re celebrating an anniversary. 3) You splurged on lingerie and want to show it off. 4) You bought your very first matching bra and pantie set. 5) You have a sexy pair of heels you need to show off. 6) You lost weight and want to show off your new bod. 7) You gained weight and want to rock your curves. 8) You got a blow out from a salon. 9) You colored your hair and it looks amazing. 10) You just had a baby and want to feel sexy again (although, I’m sure you were a hot pregnant momma!) 11) You beat cancer! 12) You celebrated a big birthday. 13) You want to surprise your husband with something sexy. 14) You came back from vacation with a gorgeous tan.

15) You’ve got beautiful tattoos you want to show off. 16) It’s been waaaaaay to long since you’ve treated yourself to something. 17) You need a few hours away from your family (I know you love them, but we all need a break now and then!) 18) You got a promotion at work. 19) You’re changing careers and want to celebrate. 20) You haven’t felt sexy in a while and need a little nudge to get that va-va-voom back. 21) It’s on your bucket list (if it’s not on your bucket list, it should be). 22) You want a one of a kind bachelorette party. 23) You want to do something super fun with your best friend. 24) You want to have sexy photos with your spouse. 25) You need a present for your spouse for a vow renewal. 26) It would be the perfect birthday gift for your sweetie. 27) It would be the perfect birthday gift to give yourself! 28) It’s cold out and you need something to “warm up” the bedroom. 29) It’s hot out so you really don’t want to wear much. 30) You have amazing boobs. 31) Your butt is gorgeous. 32) Your legs go on and on. 36) You’re proud of your body and want to give it some love. 37) You’re not so sure about your body and want to do something to help you love it. 38) You’re sweetie doesn’t know what to get you for a present (he can book a shoot for you!) 39) You want to do something fun for Valentine’s Day. 40) You want to make your spouse’s birthday one they’ll NEVER forget. 42) You stepped outside your comfort zone and got a totally new hair cut – time to rock it. 43) You haven’t had professional photos taken of yourself in years. Or ever! 44) Your friend told you how fun and sexy her shoot was. 45) Life has been busy and stressful and you need a breather. 46) You won some money at the casino! 47) You have a sexy Halloween costume you want to use again.

48) Your bridal lingerie is so pretty you need to wear it again. 49) You want to have a Girl’s Day with your friends. 50) You need a confidence boost before swimsuit season (yes! You can wear a two piece!) 51) You really want to go shopping – buy stuff for your shoot! 52) You want to show your daughter (maybe not the photos) that it’s ok to be confident. 53) You’re in a new relationship. 54) You want to relive your wedding day and wear all your accessories again. 55) You’ve never seen yourself as a sexy bombshell before. 56) You’ve never had your hair or makeup professionally done. 57) You paid off your student loans. 58) You’re finally back on your feet after surgery or overcoming an illness. 59) You moved to a new city and want to meet some local ladies. 58) Your new beauty routine is working. 59) Your acne is clearing up or going away (even grown women struggle with acne). 60) You want to give your mom something to help her feel beautiful. 62) Celebrate being single. 63) Honor being in the military and enjoy some time outside of your uniform. 64) You’ll discover new things to love about yourself. 65) You need new photos to hang in the bedroom.

66) It’s so much fun. It really is. 67) You ran your first marathon (or 5k…or a mile.) 68) You’ll create a lasting memory of how amazing you are. 69) You need some new photos to sext to your partner. 70) You want to release your inner lingerie model. 71) You deserve a makeover. 72) You get to drink wine and eat snacks all morning – what’s not to love. 73) You want to document your weight loss (I love doing “before” boudoir shoots and “after” shoots). 74) You made it through something tough with your spouse. 75) You haven’t spent money on yourself in a long time. 76) You’ve never worn a pair of fishnet stockings before. 77) Why not? 78) Your significant other is getting deployed and you want something for him/her to take with. 79) Victoria’s Secret is having their semi-annual sale. 80) All those squats you did paid off and now you have a banging booty. 81) You’ve been cooped up in the house for a while and need a few hours away to combat cabin fever. 82) You’re best friend is visiting from out of town and you want to do something super fun with her. 83) You have a $50 off referral coupon from a friend. 84) You’ve undergone surgery that changed your body and you need to do something to feel sexy again. 85) As my great grandfather said “If you’ve got it, flaunt it.” 86) You graduated from college! 87) Show off how strong you are – flex those muscles.

88) You want to play dress up. 89) You only live once. 90) You want to show off the new engagement ring. 91) Show off the curves that came with having a baby (you grew a human and that’s freaking amazing!) 92) You’re planning a romantic dinner with your spouse and need a finale gift that’s better than the dessert. 93) A first year anniversary gift is paper, so what’s more perfect than giving your spouse a book? 94) Be a little rebellious. 95) You want to relive the 1950s pin up style. 96) Correct self-doubt. You aren’t too big. You are pretty enough. You are confident. 97) You want to show off to the other soccer moms you know. 98) When is the last time you tried something new? 99) You have a gorgeous home you want to shoot in (yep – I photograph on site too!)

100) Lastly, but most importantly: BECAUSE YOU ARE A FREAKING BABE

So there. Now you have no reason NOT to book! Treat yourself like the sexy queen you are.

Ready to book? Let's talk!

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