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4 Things That Aren’t Taboo at the Buxom Boudoir Studio

A “proper” lady shouldn’t discuss certain topics or have certain blemishes, and she needs to act a certain way. You know what I think about that? Bullshit. In the Buxom Boudoir studio, you don’t have to act or dress or feel a certain way. It’s a taboo-free, judgement-free zone. I just wanted to share a few topics that are totally acceptable in my boudoir studio.

1. Having Stretchmarks

You’re allowed to have stretchmarks. Let me say it again for the ladies in the back. YOU’RE ALLOWED TO HAVE STRETCHMARKS, as well as acne, cellulite, bruises, scars, body hair or anything else. These are just things that bodies have. Please don’t feel like you have to hide your “imperfections” from me when you step out in your lingerie. I have them too! No one is judging your stretchmarks, and no one thinks they are gross. Your body is amazing and it can do amazing things.

2. Walking Around Naked

Nudity is not new to me. I’ve helped dress women for years at fashion photo shoots as an assistant. I’ve seen a lot of boobs and a lot of butts and more in my time. During boudoir, I don’t expect my clients to be modest. You’re hanging out in lingerie, and many babes end up shooting topless or totally nude. Being naked isn’t taboo – it’s natural and helps create stunning photographs. Don’t hold back on my account! If you want to be naked, be naked!

3. Talking about Sex

When we start shooting and joking around, sometimes the topic of sex comes up. It makes sense since a lot of women choose to do a shoot as a gift for their partner, and I ask my babes to make “O” faces quite often. If sex comes up, that’s totally fine! I’m not bashful around the topic and sexual education is something I’d love to provide more of to my clients. (I’m not an expert, but I know educators and resources that are super helpful!) Your shoot is basically a girl’s day, and if the topic comes up, it comes up! Don’t feel embarrassed by it.

4. Feeling Insecure

I would love to tell you that strutting your stuff in lingerie during a boudoir shoot is the magical cure for insecurity. I think boudoir is a stepping stone towards self-love, and it will definitely help you see yourself a new, beautiful way. When we start shooting, though, it’s ok to feel a little insecure. I’m asking you to step outside of your clothed comfort zone, and that’s scary! Once we start talking and shooting and you’re moving around, you’ll be having too much fun to feel insecure. You’re allowed to be nervous, and you can talk to me about it. I won’t judge you for having insecurities or being nervous. It’s normal, but I will still flood you with an overwhelming amount of compliments, so prepare yourself for that.

XO, Alicia

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