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A Coven in the Woods

It's spooky season, so you know I had to do something Halloweeny! Each year, I do a Halloween meets boudoir photo shoot (have you checked out my vampire shoot or BFF session?) With my move this year, I didn't think I'd have time to plan something eerie, but thankfully Honeybee Photos invited me to shoot a coven-inspired session in Potter's Forest. Yep - I got to be a part of a witch shoot in POTTER'S FOREST. I couldn't have thought of a better name if I tried.

Shout out to all the folks who stood in very little clothing for a few hours in October to make this possible and to Alle from Honeybee for planning all of this. It was a magical shoot, and I'm excited to share all this glorious sisterhood with you. Happy Halloween!

Walking into October like..

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