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Our Bodies Change but Are Still Beautiful with Babe N

Our bodies change constantly. They grow, they shrink, they stretch and they flex. A changing body is normal and natural, but it can be hard to accept when we’re told those changes are “flaws.” It’s totally unfair, too, especially because we often have little to NO CONTROL over how our body changes. And yet, we still pick and prod at our bodies, wishing we looked differently.

My shoot with Babe N helped her see her stretchmarks in a new, healthier way. Babe N has beautiful children. She’s a wonderful mom and a totally kickass babe. Her tummy now looks different than it did before she was a mother. It grew. It changed. It now has beautiful stretchmarks. I knew this was an area that Babe N was self-conscience about, and when we first met for her consultation, we talked a lot about body positivity and self-love. This shoot was going to be about accepting her changing body.

We didn’t focus solely on her tummy. Our bodies have all these beautiful curves and shapes, and I want to make sure we cover every inch during a boudoir shoot. (I mean, have you seen this babe’s booty?!) However, I didn’t want Babe N to hide her stomach either. We weren’t going to shy away from it, and it needed to be seen in a few photos. Even the areas you’re afraid of deserve to get a love during your shoot. You have to see your “flaws” without criticizing them if you want to start accepting them.

A boudoir shoot can’t magically cure all your insecurities (I wish!), but it’s a HUGE step in the right direction. I asked Babe N how she felt about her body after her shoot, and she said, “I definitely have a better relationship with my body. After 2 babies, a c section and another abdominal surgery, I wasn’t the biggest fan of my stomach especially. But now I can see the beauty and strength beyond the stretchmarks.”

Babe N has overcome a lot, and she’s one helluva woman. Her strength precedes her, and you can’t help but smile when you’re around her. I look at these photos and I don’t see a woman with stretchmarks. I see a queen. I see a woman who isn’t going to let anything stop her. I see someone who embraces her body and wants to love it even more.

“I loved how comfortable I felt, how pampered I was and most of all, I absolutely adored the feeling of self love I walked out with afterwards.”

I could not be any prouder of Babe N. She came, and she conquered! She stepped far outside her comfort zone, and outside of our comfort zone is the only place where we can grow. Babe N will keep growing and changing. We all will, and how wonderful ii is to love and celebrate those changes.

Ready to embrace your body? Contact me to learn more about boudoir photography.

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