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Boudoir Photography: What You Didn’t Know

Woman in crop top with fishnets

Boudoir photography isn’t super popular where I live. Women just don’t know what it is, and if they have heard of it, they have some preconceived misconceptions about it. I’m here to clear up the mystery. Here’s everything you didn’t know about boudoir photography:

Boudoir Photography IS NOT PORN

Porn has one purpose – to cause sexual stimulation in whomever is looking at it. It’s not meant to do anything for the people in the porno. They are just actors. And porn shows EVERYTHING. There’s no teasing. Nothing is left to the imagination. It serves one purpose.

That’s not what boudoir is. Boudoir is a celebration of the female form. It’s about empowerment and showing every woman who walks into the studio how gorgeous she is. The only person who sees those photos is the client. She has the power to give them to whomever she wants. The client is in control. And while some women feel confident enough to shoot nude, the shoot is done as tastefully as possible. We celebrate curves! We don’t use them to get someone else off. I like to think that boudoir is a chance for a woman to fall in love with her body. Most women don’t shoot nude, though. In fact, most lingerie covers just as much as a swimsuit. You wouldn’t walk up to someone on the beach and claim they’re a walking porno. That’s ridiculous. Boudoir is the same thing.

And I’ll level with you – if you shame my clients and say what they are doing is wrong because they aren’t modest enough, we’re going to have a problem. I’m very proud of my clients (this is a HUGE step towards self-love for some of them) and I’ll fiercely protect their integrity.

Boudoir Has No Dress Code

Boudoir = skimpy lingerie, right? Not all the time. “Boudoir” really means a woman’s private bedroom. Women wear what makes them feel sexy and beautiful in the privacy of their own home. For many, that’s teddies, bras and panties, corsets and other lingerie pieces. For others, it’s a robe or an oversized sweater. What makes a photo shoot “boudoir” is the setting. You’re hanging out on a bed, lounging in a chair or posing in front of a room divider. Your session will have a bedroom feel to it, and you can choose how covered or uncovered you’d like to be in it.

Boudoir Shoots Go By Way Too Fast

Before your shoot, you’ll probably be nervous, and like anything we’re nervous about, you’ll think it’s going to take foreeeever. Once you start shooting, though, it goes by so fast. We’re talking, laughing, posing, changing and suddenly, you’re done! If you’re worried that a boudoir shoot will feel like an eternity sitting in your underwear, trust me when I say it doesn’t. I’m the photographer, and I’m still always surprised when the time ends! “Really…it’s already over? But we were having so much fun…”

Men Can Enjoy a Boudoir Shoot Too

Boudoir isn’t just for women. Men can enjoy a boudoir photo shoot, as well, either in a couple’s shoot or solo. Just like with women, boudoir can boost a man’s self-esteem, and then he has something sexy to give his significant other. A couple’s shoot is a great way to spark intimacy and capture moments that aren’t typically caught on camera.

Learn something new? I hope so! If you ever have questions about boudoir, please feel free to ask.

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