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Ho, Ho, Ho Yes, Baby

Updated: May 26, 2020

What exactly do moms and dads do when the kids are asleep waiting for Santa, the cookies are out, the gifts are wrapped and the tree is trimmed? I don't have kids, but I'm assuming most couples are so exhausted that they crash on the couch with a glass of egg nog, if they even have energy for that.

We can all play pretend, though, right? Christmas is a time for miracles and magic and maaaaaaaaybe having the energy to cuddle up with your loved one for some very sexy, very secret time under the mistletoe.

Babe C and her BFF played dress up with me at the Schuster Mansion in Milwaukee and brought their holiday cheer. And they brought it HARD! We explored this Victorian bed and breakfast and created artwork that would make Santa's cheeks even rosier. If we're not making Santa blush, are we even doing holiday boudoir?

We ended the session with a milk bath. The only thing missing was a plate full of gingerbread cookies, although I'm not so sure that would have been hygienic. A milk and cookies bath? Can I make that a thing? I'm going to make that a thing.

Enjoy this Christmas session! I hope it sparks a little something something in you this holiday season!

If you want to book something creative and magical, let me know!

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