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Remembering Who She Is

Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt so busy or overwhelmed you stopped caring for yourself? *Sees the entire audience raise their hand.* Sometimes this is as basic as forgetting to eat lunch, but sometimes – and I know this is especially true for all the mommas out there – you can totally forget who you are, what your passionate about, and what makes you special. Between work, the kids, making meals, cleaning the house, going to PTA, grocery shopping, and the other million things you’re responsible for, things fall between the cracks. You fall between those cracks. Something has to go, and for a lot of women, that “something” is their identity. Self-care is no longer a priority because there’s a whole lotta people relying on you for things that feel more important.

Babe R knew that struggle. She also knew she needed help to start feeling like herself again, so she booked a session with me. Asking for help is totally cool, ya’ll!

Reconnecting to yourself, feeling sexy, and residing in a space that’s totally judgement-free is going to help boost confidence and self-love. It worked for Babe R, and I’m pretty dang sure it would work for you, too. Babe R absolutely crushed her session, and by the end, it was clear she found something in herself that hadn’t surfaced in a while. She left with swagger in her steps and holding her head high. True goddess power. She remembered who the hell she was, and these photos will help her never forget.

What did you love about your session? Did you feel like you grew in any ways? Share as much as you’d like! The past year I have really struggled with self love and confidence. I couldn’t shake it and get past it. I needed to remember who I was as a person, and I had a tough time doing that. Alicia reminded me. She made me remember who I was and what I stand for. She made me feel like a million dollars, and I cannot thank her enough for this. I don’t think I would have figured this out on my own, if it wasn’t for her.

Would you ever do another boudoir shoot? 100% yes. I cannot wait to do another session.

Do you feel like you have a better relationship with your body? What will you do in the future to show yourself some self-love? I am a mother of two. I have always struggled with self love and self confidence, but let me tell you, Alicia has seriously brought out my shine. She is such a hype and means every word she says. When I am feeling low, I look back at my photos and remember the experience I had, and how I felt in that moment.

Any words of advice to someone who is nervous about boudoir? DO IT. I can assure you that once you walk into Alicias studio, she will make you feel like you have known her forever. You do not have to be a size zero, you do not have to have a flat stomach and perfect tatas. Boudoir aside, Alicia is probably one of the greatest people I have ever met.

Why did you choose Buxom Boudoir? Honestly, I did not even know Alicia before scheduling my shoot. My good friend and coworker had gotten her photos done, and I cried for her. I cried for how beautiful she look and how her self confidence shined through her photos. I knew that I needed to do this as well. I needed a confidence boost, and I got it.

Ready to make yourself a priority? Let’s chat about what an intimate portrait session can do for you.

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