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She Wanted to Feel Beautiful in Her Skin

Updated: May 26, 2020

When Babe L reached out to me about booking a session, I asked her why. It's the very first question on my pre shoot questionnaire because I think it's the most important question when planning a session. She answered with a response I think we can all relate to.

" I want to feel sexy, confident, and beautiful in my own skin. It’s been so long since I have been able to see myself that way. I am hoping to return to more of the fun, spontaneous and strong woman I once was."

After years of working, being a mom, being a partner, etc., we can sort of forget who we are. That person is still there. She's not lost; she's just buried under a plethora of other responsibilities. We become so immersed in the lives of others, we forget we are vivacious, gorgeous, sensual women. (Same can go for men!) Babe L wanted to feel sexy and confident again. I get that. You probably get that, too.

I'm grateful she chose boudoir to reconnect with herself. For her, boudoir was a wonderful way to celebrate her body and rediscover the strong and spontaneous woman she is...and she nailed it! She conquered her session like it was nothing and dang, she knows how to arch! I could see her becoming more and more comfortable throughout her session, and at the end, this confident and sexy AF woman was standing in front of me. She said kind things about herself. She laughed. She looked joyful in her body.I hope that that feeling stayed with her because she deserves to feel that way as often as possible. So do you! We all deserve to feel beautiful in our skin (even if it's not all the time). We are worthy of that feeling. Do you hear me? YOU DESERVE TO FEEL BEAUTIFUL IN YOUR SKIN.

And now, without further ado, check out how freaking gorgeous Babe L is.

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