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Sparkles, Rhinestones and Self-Love

You know why I love Babe N? Because when I said “bring sparkles or rave attire to your shoot” she brought it, and she brought it hard. She pulled a tiny crown, a sequined tank top and rhinestone pasties from her bag, and I knew we were going to have an epic shoot. She even added glitter to her lower lash line. That’s dedication to my aesthetic right there.

You know why also I love Babe N? She empowers other women through body positivity. She’s a body pos model, she coordinates body pos events, she encourages women to embrace who they are, and she’s learning to care and love for herself.

I asked Babe N to share her thoughts on her body and her self-love experience. Loving yourself isn’t something that comes quickly. It takes time, and you have to put energy into it. You need to become self-aware. I think a lot of us can relate and take advice from Babe N’s journey.

“I have struggled with loving my body most of my life. I see many women going through the same. I have been able to accomplish accepting and embracing my body though learning to accept and love myself. I believe self-love is extremely important for true happiness – to embrace what makes you an individual, unique, and beautiful. I’ve also learned not to let others’ negative opinions sway my opinion on myself. I’ve worked hard on my mental state and ridding what I went through with past abuse that acted as a shield over my eyes to be able to see who I truly am as a person.”

Self-love takes time, but I believe this journey should be fun. Not every day is going to be easy. Like Babe N, you may need to rid your life of past traumas, you may need to come to terms with actualities in your life, or maybe you need to take responsibility for mistakes. However, there are days that are amazing! The day when you put on a swimsuit for the first time in forever, the day when you take control in the bedroom, the day when you decide you do not care what others think of your body, or the day you decide to celebrate your body with a boudoir shoot – those are stellar days. You deserve those days.

Ready to celebrate your body? Let’s set up a session!

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