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You Can Love Even if You Don't Love Yourself

Have you heard the phrase "if you can't love yourself, how are you going to love someone else?" Ru Paul says this at the end of every Drag Race episode (I believe he coined the phrase), I've seen it on Instagram quotes, and a quick Google search brings up Etsy designs galore you can hang in your home.

I understand where this phrase is coming from, and it's motivational up to a point. It's not 100% accurate, though, and you need to know that! You are capable of so much love, even if you're struggling to love yourself. You can love a romantic partner, parents, children and friends without knowing how to love yourself yet.

Is self love important? Of course! Babe R came to the studio to build up her self love, and she did that through these intimate portraits. She adored her photos! She couldn't believe these were her, and I hope the feeling of awe she had for her body stays with her. Her level of self love doesn't impact her ability to love her daughter, though, or anyone else in her life.

We do tend to project our insecurities onto other people, and how we feel about ourselves can impact how we treat other people. When we believe toxic things about ourselves, it's not hard to believe those things about other people, and that can negatively impact our relationships. Self love will only help with this! If you aren't at a spot, though, where you truly love yourself, you are still worthy of the loving relationships you have with other people.

Can you love someone without loving yourself? You can! You deserve those relationships. Will self love help you grow and maybe make those relationships even better? Also yes! Go love yourself and the people around you.

woman posing on bed

woman posing and laughing in a black bodysuit

woman standing in color and black and white photo

woman posing on mustard color couch

woman posing with fingers at lips

Are you on a self love journey? Let's talk about how boudoir can help you!

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woman posing by window and mirror

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