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You Decide Your Worth

We often forget that we determine what we are worth. We rely on the praise, affection or validation of other people to decide if we are “enough.” It’s ok if you have done that or you are right now; we all have.

But I promise you, you’re going to become more confident and more happy when you decide what you’re worth, and – my sweet human – you are worth so dang much. SO MUCH.

This is the realization Babe K had during our most recent session. This wasn’t her first session with me, but I think it had the biggest positive impact on her life. I had reached out to friends to see if someone let me try more emotional/artistic poses, and she volunteered. I’m so glad she did. As much as this session meant to me, it meant more to her. If you’re an empath, I suggest grabbing a box of tissues now.

Remember, no one can decide how amazing you are. You hold that power. You are worthy. You deserve love. You deserve respect. Hold on to that and constantly remind yourself that you’re in control of your self-worth.

Babe K’s Story

“Where to begin…. I have worked with Alicia a few times throughout the years and it has always been an amazing, uplifting experience that gets better and better every single time, so naturally when she had a post out saying she was looking to shoot I had to reach out. Working with Alicia is easy and she makes all of your insecurities disappear without even a second thought. I have confided some of my darkest feelings about myself to this girl and she manages to not only blow them away but when I get my pictures back, I learn to appreciate them as they are: all things that make me… me. I have struggled with depression/anxiety, low/no confidence or self esteem my entire life… Throughout the years I hid behind baggy clothing and jokes as I had deemed myself and always felt as though I was the “Duff” of my environments and surroundings, and in thinking that way, I allowed myself to be treated by others (especially those I dated or was interested in) in ways that were very much unacceptable. I was ashamed of myself, my looks, I couldn’t stand to look at myself without being disgusted or sad, and although I knew in my head I was and deserved better, I never enforced it because I was too comfortable living in the shadows and afraid of bringing attention in any way towards myself for fear of taunting or rejection. Within the past year, I had been overlooked or passed up for other women multiple times which only validated to myself that I was unworthy or unattractive or there just HAD to be something wrong with me somehow, somewhere for this to keep happening. HAD TO! So I reverted back into old ways of expecting less and making excuses to be treated way less than I deserved. Bending over backwards for people who wouldn’t even give me the time of day and if they did, it was because they needed something in some way from me.

A few weeks before I shot with Alicia, “surprise surprise” it happened again. A person I cared for deeply broke my heart and directed his attention towards a woman who was the exact opposite of everything I was self-conscious about, I lost my grandmother, I walked away from a job I loved most to start a new one I settled with because it paid the bills but I wasn’t happy; I was stressed as all hell. Nothing in any aspect was going right and I was ready to give up and be done because if ONE more thing went wrong that would have been it for me. I was literally at breaking point, crying myself to sleep on a regular. Whether you believe in higher power, God, divine intervention, the stars and zodiacs, the universe…. I don’t really care. It was fate I got to shoot with Alicia that day. In a matter of hours she had managed to take a girl who was smiling and yet was all but broken inside and gave a pep talk and solid foot in the ass to have her walk out ready to tackle the world.

This shoot was emotional for me. I cried the whole way home feeling relief that I exposed things I had kept hidden for over 2 decades. It was the first time in over 20 years I actually felt happy about who I was and what I looked like and had 100% confidence in myself and what I bring to the table. I was raised to believe body celebration was for those who had bodies that most would consider “enviable,” even upon exposing my Buxom photos, a person near and dear to me stared in disbelief as if I should be ashamed of them because she didn’t think it was right to expose myself in such a way and, you know what. I had the guts to confidently say (and actually mean) “I’m really not worried about it because I think I look great.” I stopped caring about and chasing those who treated me in ways that were less that I deserved. I stopped looking at myself as anything less than a confident, BEAUTIFUL woman, who is ready to take on the world BY HER DAMN SELF flaws and all. I stopped looking in validation for myself through the eyes of a man who probably was using the same lame ass lines on god knows how many other women down the texting line.

I don’t know what the future holds for me, but I am ready to take it on confidentially, and I have Alicia /Buxom Boudoir to thank for that. Boudoir is more than a sexy photo; it’s empowering, it’s confident, it’s being the bad ass you are and being able to freely express it. It is an experience no one, even people who don’t want to see the beauty in it, can take from you and every woman deserves to feel that way because it is a feeling you will never forget and it’s a whole new way of life that everyone deserves to live and be ok in the skin they are in. Boudoir is a feeling that will leave you breathless and have you saying proudly: Hell yes that’s me.”

Learn more about what a boudoir session can do for you. You deserve to celebrate your body.

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