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You Deserve Gentleness

When you touch your body, how are you doing it? Are you prodding at yourself in the bathroom or dressing room? Are you poking at your cellulite or stretchmarks? Do you move your hands over your body with gentleness and respect or aggression when you're getting dressed? Before I was actively working on body love, I didn't treat my body well. I agonized over it. I pushed on my belly fat and picked at the red bumps on my legs. I so badly wanted it to be different, and I took that frustration out on my body. I didn't even realize I was doing it. I didn't know the negative impact poking and prodding had on my body image. It only perpetuated the incorrect belief that my body needs to be changed.

When you're not sure how to be kinder to yourself, start here. Start with gentleness. Start with tender touch. Touch is a wonderful way to connect with your body, appreciate it, and build up your self love. You get to feel just how awesome your body is! Those bumps, lumps, creases, wrinkles and jiggly bits have no impact on your worth or value as a person. Remember that. You deserve to be gentle with your body. At the very least, start there on your self love journey.


woman in white lingerie on green chair

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