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You found something special: a very rare Killer Deal Boudie Call offering! And guess what else? I'm including couples in this offering (which I never do), so you'll save even more if you book with your significant other.

Grab one of the spots on my calendar, and you'll receive a free session. Just pay for your artwork. (That's up to $400 in savings - boo ya!)

I only have 10 spots available for this Boudie Call and you can book an indoor or outdoor experience! Because these are always in high demand, I take applications for them. You will need to sign an image release at the end of your session.

I will respond to applications as soon as possible. If you have not heard from me by August 5 2022, you're application was not chosen. If you have applied in the past, you can apply again!

Your photo experience includes:

A Phone Consultation with Me

A Pre Session Questionnaire

A Series of Prep Emails

Hair and Makeup for one
Access to the Studio Wardrobe (6x-xs)

3 Wardrobe Changes

Posing Guidance 

A Same Day Image Reveal and Ordering Appointment

Hand Retouching on Every Final Image

Empowerment that Lasts a Lifetime!

A $250 deposit is required if chosen, and this will be applied towards your artwork purchase, making your session free! Woot woot!

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Didn't win? No worries!

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Meet Your Photographer

Struggling with your body image, or self care? I feel that. I've struggled with body image my entire life, and you know what? It's exhausting! I spent decades hating the body that I have, One day, I thought, "this is such a waste of time and energy," but I didn't know how to change the way I felt.

After a lot of reading, soul searching, and research, I found ways to change my thinking. Who knew getting naked for a boudoir shoot would help? After booking my own session, I knew this is what I needed to do for other people. 

Poking and prodding at my body, crying while looking at the mirror, yo-yo dieting and even avoiding sex - that's not the life for me anymore. It shouldn't be the life for you either. You deserve SO MUCH MORE. 

I started Buxom Boudoir so that women near me could celebrate their bodies. Our bodies are awesome! They do such much for us every day, and we often overlook them. I try to celebrate and thank my body as often as I can, and my studio allows women to do the same. 

Let your body know it's worthy of love, compassion and honor. Celebrate that gorgeous body of yours.


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Rustic Minimal Wedding Print Banner.jpg
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Review Screenshot.jpg
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Your art options are as unique as you are! 

Go the a la carte route and get a portfolio box with stunning prints,  an heirloom album you'll cherish for the rest of your life, or high resolution digital photos starting at $900.

Or select a collection filled with the studio's favorite products like albums, wall art and digital images for less money than building it a la carte. Collections start as $1500.

Payment Plans are available through PayPal Credit and AfterPay. Prepayment Plans come with free bonus perks!

Internet Photos for Site (1).png

Celebrate Your Glorious Body

Your Art Options

BLOWOUT : 4000 (5050 VALUE) 

12x12 album 50 images 

ICE cover upgrade 

2 image folio 

16x24 wall art 

Full digital collection


SHINDIG : 3000 (4500 VALUE) 

12x12 album up to 40 images 

Luxury cover upgrade 

2 image folio 

12x18 wall art 

Full digital collection


GALA : 2000 (2950 VALUE) ** Our most popular package
10x10 album up to 30 images 

Luxury cover upgrade

2 image folio

12x18 wall art 

Digital collection of ordered photos


DISCO : 1500 ( 2250 VALUE) 

8x8 album up to 20 images 

8x12 wall art 

Digital collection of ordered photos

CODEWORD: Killerdeal


20 Image 8x8 Album : 1200 

30 Image10x10 Album : 1500 

40 Image 12x12 Album : 1800 



Additional Album Image: 50 

Luxury Album Cover: 100 

Ice Album Cover: 150 

Matching Couture Box: 100 

Increase Album Size: 200


8x12 : 300 

12x18 : 400 

16x24 : 600 

24x36 : 800


10 Images : 900 

15 Images : 1200 

20 Images : 1500

20 Images: 1200

30 Images: 1500

40 Images: 1800

All Digital Images: 3500

I Want This Deal!

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Apply for my Killer Deal Boudie Call

Port Washington WI



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Pastel Gradient Couple Photo Valentine's Day Instagram Post (2).png
Pastel Gradient Couple Photo Valentine's Day Instagram Post (1).png
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