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Meet Your Photographer

Hey hey, I'm Alicia.

I struggled with body image for a long time. It was exhausting. I spent decades hating the body that I have. One day, I just thought, "this is such a waste of time and energy" but I didn't know how to change the way I felt.

After a lot of reading, soul searching, and research, I found ways to change my thinking. Boudoir helped a lot! After booking my own session, I knew this is what I needed to do for other women. 

I started Buxom Boudoir so that women near me could celebrate their bodies. Our bodies are awesome! They do such much for us every day, and we often overlook them. I try to celebrate and thank my body as often as I can, and my studio allows women to do the same. 

Let your body know it's worthy of love, compassion and honor. Celebrate that gorgeous body of yours.

An Advocate for Body Diversity

I am an advocate for body diversity, which means in my portfolio, you'll find a variety of body shapes, sizes, ages, skin tones, physical abilities, sexual orientations and more. I believe all bodies are good bodies, and I want my work to showcase that. Your body is amazing and deserves to be documented. Everybodies Education reviewed my portfolio and deemed it worthy of being an advocate. 

Accolades and Recognition