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Boudoir Photo Shoots

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Celebrate your body with an individual session or couple's shoot.

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See Your Body in a Whole New Way

When you're struggling with self confidence, being in front of a camera is scary. So many people never book a photo shoot or document their bodies because they don't think they're good enough...


But what if you could do a photo shoot where there was no judgment or expectation of what your body needed to be? What if you found a place that celebrated bodies and used photography to help change your mindset?

I want you to improve the relationship you have with your body through sensual, intimate and joyful boudoir portraiture. Think of all the things you’ve accomplished with your body. Think of everything this body has done for you. Throw the confetti! Wear the tulle robe! It's finally time to see your body in a whole new way. 

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Individual Boudoir Sessions

Enjoy a day of joy and pampering while embracing your body! These boudoir sessions are custom to each person and include hair and makeup, posing guidance, access to a luxury wardrobe sized xs-6x, a same day image reveal and hand retouching on final images. 

Couples Boudoir Sessions

Connect with your partner on a deeper level. Document your love and passion for each other through a day long, custom photo shoot experience at Buxom Boudoir. Hair and makeup is included, as well as access to the studio wardrobe, posing guidance, a same day image reveal and hand retouching on chosen artwork.

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Maternity Boudoir Sessions

Your body is changing in incredible ways. Let's celebrate and document this amazing part of your life. Maternity boudoir will help you reconnect with your body as it changes. Wear anything from stunning dresses to fluffy robes or sexy lingerie for a personalized session that leaves you with images you'll cherish for a lifetime.

How We Empower You

I'll guide you through the whole process to create a session unique to you.

Planning your dream session through a discovery call and consultation

Custom hair and makeup and access to our expansive studio wardrobe

Creating custom, heirloom artwork that shows your body like the art it is

Choosing poses that show your emotion and cater to your body's abilities

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Boudoir Shouldn't Be Scary

Our sessions are joyful, confidence boosting, and sensual. You'll discover that you can, in fact, have fun in your body and that your body deserves your love and respect. 

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"Had an amazing experience with Alicia. She guides you but doesn't dictate and gives you space to feel and be however you want. There's no pressure to do anything you aren't comfortable with but there's all kinds of room to let yourself be free trying something new and maybe scary. I really enjoyed it and I can't recommend it enough." - Babe S

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