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10 Must Have Boudoir Outfits from Amazon

Finding outfits for your upcoming boudoir shoot can seem overwhelming, but it's easy! Let me do the shopping for you. I've shot A LOT of Amazon outfits, and I know what works and what doesn't. I got you! These are 10 of my favorite, must-have wardrobe pieces from Amazon. Buy any of these for your boudoir photoshoot, and you will look amazing! With 2 day shipping and easy returns, if something doesn't work, no worries. Boudoir should be fun, and shopping for your session should be fun, too. Let's do this!

PS - I've photographed all of these looks, so I know they work! *this post contains some affiliate links*

Sparkle Rhinestone Tights Rhinestones look amazing in photographs, and if you want to add a little sparkle to your session, these tights are the way to go. The black option matches everything, and that's my go-to, but there are lots of color options. Pick the one you love them most.

Satin Feather Robe This robe is the perfect robe for clients who want to be bougie on a budget. It looks luxurious, but it won't break the bank, meaning you have more money to spend on art from your awesome boudoir shoot! It photographs like a dream. I plan on getting one to wear on vacation because I want to flounce around my hotel room like a rich bish.

Aranmei Lace Bodysuit This bodysuit is gorgeous! The elastic belt adds definition to the waist, and the colors are stunning. The worst thing about this piece of lingerie is figuring out which color to buy.

For those who want a delicate, feminine look, you've found the right bodysuit. The flowers and butterflies on this bodysuit add such gorgeous details to the look. I especially love this bodysuit for outdoor sessions in the woods. It's giving "sexy mother nature" vibes.

Oooooh this set is fire! The straps and garters are so fun to pose with, and there's enough stretch in the lingerie to make it comfy (as comfy as lingerie can be!). I've photographed someone in the full set, and I've also photographed someone with just the mock stockings. She removed the thigh part and attached it to a different garter belt. The garter belt in this set attaches to mock stockings that wrap around your thighs. There's no fuss or struggle getting stockings on, but the attention is still on your legs. I love that. Everything is adjustable too!

Calvin Klein Cotton Bottoms Calvin Kleins are classic. They look good on everyone. If you want something casual or chill, this is the way to go. Boudoir doesn't have to be ultra sexy. Some people want a more laid back look, and Calvin Klein underwear and bras are perfect for that.

Tulle Robes I'm obsessed with tulle robes. I have 2 of these feather and tulle robes at my studio, and it's a miracle for my bank account that I haven't bought more. Who doesn't want to walk around their home in one of these? You'll feel like a million bucks. They're fun to wear. They're fun to shoot in, and why not go big for your boudoir shoot!

I love straps. When posing during a boudoir shoot, you've got to do something with your hands. I like giving them something to hold or grab on to, and straps are a great go-to. Slip your thumbs under the straps on this lace bodysuit and boom - you've got a killer pose.

This bodysuit is everything! I love photographing people in it. The rhinestones add just enough bling to push this bodysuit into "extra" territory, and I love that. Don't freak out when it arrives, though. It's going to look small, but there's a ton of stretch in this piece.

Fishnets I know we touched on rhinestone fishnets, but the tried and true plain fishnets are amazing, too. This is by far the easiest boudoir outfit you can wear. Throw on a pair of fishnets with nothing else, and you've got one sexy look! Sometimes, simplest is best.

Which outfit was your fav? I can't wait to see what you buy and wear to your boudoir shoot! Let's set up your session. Fill out the form below to start the process.

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