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5 Questions to Ask Your Boudoir Photographer

A boudoir session is a personal and empowering experience. To ensure your journey is seamless and aligned with your vision, here are five important questions to ask your boudoir photographer:

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1. What's Your Photography Style?

Understanding your photographer's style is vital when you're looking to book a boudoir session. Whether it's classic, contemporary, or artistic, knowing their approach ensures your vision aligns with their expertise. For example, we love colorful, high contrast, dark and moody portraits at Buxom Boudoir. If you need desaturated or bright and airy photos, you'd want to find a studio that aligns with that. Checking out a photographer's portfolio will help you decide if their style matches yours, but it's also something worth bringing up during a discovery call.

2. What's Included in the Package?

Clarity is key. Inquire about the details of the package to ensure it meets your expectations. From consultation to image delivery, knowing the inclusions ensures a smooth and delightful experience. Do you need to provide your own hair and makeup? Are outfits provided? Are images a la carte or included in the session fee? Make sure you cover this before booking your shoot. A good photographer will explain exactly what's included in your session.

3. How Do You Ensure Comfort During the Session?

Creating a comfortable atmosphere is crucial for authentic and stunning boudoir shots. Ask about their methods for ensuring you feel at ease during the session, promoting a relaxed and enjoyable environment. If you're uncomfortable, it will show during your shoot so your comfort should be a high priority to your boudoir photographer.

4. What's Your Experience with Boudoir Photography?

Experience matters. Delve into your photographer's background with boudoir photography. Their familiarity with poses, lighting, and the intricacies of this specialized art form contributes to a more refined and empowering experience.

5. Can I See Examples of Your Work?

Visualizing previous work allows you to gauge the photographer's skill and creativity. It also helps in articulating your preferences and ensuring they can capture the style and mood you desire for your boudoir session. Their work is likely on their website, and full service studios should have samples of their artwork in their studio. We're always happy to send over photos of our albums, portfolio boxes and metal wall art before sessions if clients want to visualize their products before seeing those products in person the day of their shoot.

Asking these questions sets the foundation for a collaborative and empowering boudoir experience, which is definitely what you'll want! Your journey is unique, and these questions ensure your photographer can create your vision.

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