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5 Ways to Prevent Chub Rub

Summer is my favorite time of year, but you know what's not my fav? Chub rub. My glorious, chubby thighs just love to rub up on each other, and normally that's fine, but in the humid Wisconsin summers, it's obnoxious. No one likes chafed, sticky skin, so let's see what we can do to prevent it. I've got my fav ways, but lots of humans on the internet have imparted their wisdom, as well. Let's break them down.

1. Bike Shorts

Also known as yoga shorts or boy shorts, these bad boys are my absolute favorite way to prevent chub rub. I wear tight, cotton shorts under my dresses, and it works every time. Make sure your shorts are breathable and thin. I don't like shorts that are thick like leggings for under dresses. I want to feel the breeze but not kill my thighs.

2. Thigh Bands

Thigh bands do exactly what shorts do by providing a fabric buffer between your thighs, but they aren't connected to anything at your waist. Make sure you measure your thighs to ensure you get the correct fit. Too small, and these will be as uncomfortable as chafing. Too big, and they'll consistently slip off. These are far cuter than most bike shorts, so if you want something sexy under your dress, you need to check these out.

3. Monistat Chafing Gel

Lots of women swear by this product. Reviews upon reviews say how great it is for boob sweat and thigh chafing. One reviewer on said "I can't say enough good things about this product. If you have chaffing under your breast due to sweaty workouts or chub rub between the your thighs and your panty line area, this gel is for you. I spread a thin layer on after drying off after my shower in the morning and I never need to reapply during the day. This gel has saved me from a lot of painful skin rashes. I never want to be without it and it isn't hard to find in the store. This gel works even if you have a rash and the best part doesn't burn. It promotes healing of my rash areas as well." You can find it at most department and drugstores. I have used this product, and I like it but I needed to reapply it often throughout the day.

4. Deodorant

Deodorant isn't just for your pits! Put that baby on your thighs, too. Like the chafing gel, I have needed to reapply it, but I can typically get away with two applications throughout the entire day and call it good. Right before a hike, I swipe it over my thighs and under my boobs, and it works great at preventing the chub rub. I can't say all deodorants will work, but the standard brands at drugstores will probably get the job done.

5. Silky Underwear Dusting Powder

Lush makes a product called Silky Underwear, and it's been recommended on the internet time and time again. It has 4.6 stars on, so it's pretty clear that folks like it. According to Lush, "its cornstarch and kaolin base will absorb moisture to keep you smooth as tiny shavings of cocoa butter nourish skin with a velvety touch." It apparently smells amazing, too. I haven't tried this yet, but before 80 degree weather hits, I'll have to order it. I want silky smooth thighs!

BUT WAIT! What if the chub rubs hits? If you're dealing with chub rub, let your thighs breath. Air them out at home. Rub aloe gel or lotion on the irritated areas. Avoid shaving those areas, as well. If you develop dark, scaly patches where your thighs touch like I do, make sure you do everything you can to prevent chub rub for the next week or two, and exfoliate that area when you bathe. I really like African Black Soap bars from Shae Moisture. These bars exfoliate my skin and leave it feeling smooth and soft.

Happy summer, babes!

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