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9 Ways to Feel Good in a Swimsuit

Rock a One Piece or Tankini

You DO NOT have to wear a bikini in order to have fun at the beach or love on your body. I often see reminders that all bodies are bikini bodies, and while this is true, not everyone feels comfortable in a bikini. There's almost this feeling like if you don't want to wear a lil two piece, you must not love yourself. This isn't true, though! If a more conservative suit is your jam, stick with that. It's far better to find a one piece that you absolutely adore than a bikini that makes you feel really uncomfortable. Wear what makes you feel like you're ready to strut yourself at the beach, whether that's a one piece, a tankini or a bikini!

Find an Affirmation to Repeat

Changing how your brain thinks about your body takes time and practice just like anything else. One way to practice is with affirmations. You may not believe this affirmation at first, but the more you repeat it, the more believable it will become. Start with something neutral like "I deserve to go to the pool." Work your way up to something more positive like "I look amazing in my bathing suit."

Wear Your Suit at Home or a Private Beach

Speaking of practice, do that with your suit! If you struggle with the idea of wearing a swimsuit, wear it at home before you go anywhere public. Wear it outside while sunbathing in your yard. Wear it when you garden. Wear it while playing with your kids in the sprinkler. Get comfy with having it on before you head somewhere public.

Avoid Busy Times at the Beach

So you're ready to head out into public with your swimsuit on... Ahh but it still feels scary! Don't go during peak hours. We're taking baby steps and building up our comfort level. The weekends are going to be busy, and if you're not comfy with a bunch of strangers seeing you yet, avoid those times. Go to the beach or a pool in the middle of a work day if you can or a weeknight evening. You'll likely have a successful outing, and that's going to help you feel better in your suit. Save the waterparks or busy pool times for later in your body confidence journey, so those outings are successful, too!

Wear a Cover Up

Not only are cover ups awesome for sun protection, they act as a wonderful stepping stone towards feeling confident in a swimsuit. They're basically clothing but so light weight that wearing them to a beach or pool is totally acceptable. If you're unsure about walking around your hotel or resort in a swimsuit, go get yourself a cute cover up! You get to wear your suit but have the security of the cover up whenever you need it.


Treat your bathing suit like an outfit. I always feel more confident when I'm wearing earrings and a bold lip, so why wouldn't I do the same when putting on a swimsuit. (I get that this isn't practical in all situations, but go with it.) Dress up your swimsuit and make it feel like an outfit you're proud of. Throw on your hoop earrings. Wear a super cute sandal. Accessorize however you would with a normal outfit.

Bring a Support System with You

You don't have to go the body confidence route alone. Having a supportive friend or partner there to cheer you on can be really helpful. Ask for support, and hit the beach with someone you know will root for you. It's ok to ask for help!

Wear Your Favorite Color or Pattern

What's your favorite color? What pattern makes you go heck yeah when you put it on your body? Get that for your swimsuit! This is really easy to do because there are so many different swimsuit options out there now. Odds are, you'll find your fav color or pattern somewhere. If you know purple makes your eyes pop or leopard print's got you feeling like a babe, get that for your suit.


Last but certainly not least - get your body in that water! The best way for you to feel good in your suit is to have fun! Once you're splashing around or floating in the pool, you're not going to be focused on your body. You'll be focused on relaxation or joy, and that's so much better. I know it's scary. I know it can be intimidating, but you are worth creating those pool or beach memories.

Ready for another type of confidence boost? Let's chat about how boudoir can boost your body love! Fill out the form below and I'll send you an invite to book a consult with me.

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