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Am I a Bad Body Positive Activist if I Lose Weight?

If you’ve spent any time talking with me or poking around this website, you know I’m a big fan of the body positive movement. Everyone’s bodies are so different and unique and amazing in their own way, and I want to celebrate it! I want to throw parties to honor long torsos, tiny titties, stretch marks and big hips. A big facet of the body pos movement is loving the body you have right now. But does that mean you have to keep your body exactly the same to be a part of this activism?

Having a New Body Shape Doesn’t Mean You Should Shame the Old One

You could start working out and change your diet for a variety of reasons. Whatever the reason is, if you start losing weight, you’re not a bad body positive activist. You’re still totally awesome, as long as you continue to support babes of all shapes and sizes. Dropping a few sizes doesn’t mean your old body was ugly or stupid, and it doesn’t mean that women who aren’t losing eight are wrong. You don’t get to choose how others should look, and we should support those people. You also don’t get to dish out the fat-phobia onto your old body. That body still did incredible things with you.

Body Positivity is About Embracing What We Have Right Now

You’re body is allowed to change. I think we should expect it to do just that. Body positivity focuses on why our bodies are great no matter the stage they are in. Celebrate it when it’s strong, understand it when it’s weak. Praise the pounds you gained or party when all those squats finally made your booty pop. However your body grew or shrank, it needs love and attention all along the way.

Don’t Start Body Shaming Because Your New Lifestyle is “Healthy”

Being healthy is awesome! I hope everyone has a healthy body because this is the only one we get, but you know what? That’s just not the way it is. People get sick. People get cancer. Shit happens. If you’re losing weight because you want to be healthier, more power to you, babe! Go for your goals! You’ve got my support. What can’t happen is suddenly shaming people who aren’t healthy – either by choice or not. You don’t know what people are dealing with on a daily basis. You don’t know what’s someone’s relationship to food is. You really have NO IDEA how healthy someone is based on their figure. Fat people can have low blood pressure and low cholesterol. Skinny people can have addictions or cancer. It’s cliche, but you really can’t judge a book by its cover. I have anxiety that sometimes makes life really unbearable. I would say my body (especially my mind) can be really unhealthy for this reason. When someone body shames and pulls the “I just want you to be healthy” excuse as to why, it implies that unhealthy bodies aren’t worthy of love or respect, and that cannot and will not be tolerated in the body positivity movement.

If you want to lose weight, go for it! The folks in the body positive movement will support you. Just support them right back! Remember, all bodies are good bodies, whether they’ve lost or gained weight.

XOXO, Alicia

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