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Do It For Yourself

Boudoir is for you. Its first and foremost reason for existence is to give you the opportunity to reconnect with and celebrate your body - at least that's how we do things at Buxom Boudoir. If a partner gets an album or photo box because of your session, that's just a kickass bonus. My goal and your goal should be to create images YOU love.

How can you create a session that's for you? Here's a few tips to keep in mind:

1. Wear lingerie that you feel good in. If you're torn between something you think your partner would like or something you really like, go with what you like! You're going to pose so much better if you feel sexy in what you're wearing. I'd much rather you feel confident and comfortable than wear something a partner likes but you don't.

2. Order products that you love. Your partner isn't at the reveal, and I can promise you that they will love whatever you pick out. They are going to be blown away by your bangin' body whether you picked an album collection, a velvet photo box or a digital collection, so pick the products you love and want to display.

3. Order as much artwork as YOU want. For many women, this is a once in a lifetime experience. Do you really want to leave behind artwork because your partner doesn't understand this session's importance? Celebrate your body by ordering all the photos that you love. These photos will remind you how amazing you are when you're having a bad body image day.

Babe S did this for herself. Did her partner get something awesome as a result? Heck yeah he did.. Babe S wanted to surprise him and show how far she's come with accepting her body thanks to his support, but she also wanted to do this session for herself. She has a prosthetic leg and sometimes feels insecure about it. Most of us can point out something on our bodies we feel insecure about. That's why boudoir sessions need to be focused on you, not your partner. Your partner won't build a better relationship with their body when they see these photos, but you will. You'll see the beauty in your curves, rolls, dimples, and more, or at least you'll have the opportunity to feel neutral about them (body neutrality is great too!).

Do this for you. If you can surprise your partner with a gorgeous series of photos, that's a great bonus. Boudoir should be about you and your body, though. Use it to break through those insecurities. Use it to shut up your inner critic. Use it to reconnect with a part of yourself you've forgotten about. Use it to heal. After that's all said and done, use boudoir as the BEST birthday or holiday present for your partner ever. I guarantee it'll be a gift they never forget.

Are you ready to book a session for you? Ready to celebrate your body? Let's set up your session!

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