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Don’t Wait to Pop the Champagne

The other day, my husband and I were working late and we wanted to split a bottle of wine. We didn’t have any, though, and my husband recommended we pop open a bottle of champagne we had on hand. I said “no I want to save it for something special.”

And then a few minutes later, I thought “this is something special.” I’m a walking, breathing special occasion. Being in a cozy room with my partner while we work doing what we love is special. And, honestly, no one knows how long they’ll be around. Maybe neither of us will make to a champagne-worthy occasion.

My advice? Pop the champagne. Take the trip. Go on the cruise. Buy the house. Don’t wait until the kids are all grown up. Don’t wait until you’ve lost 20 pounds. You are going to miss out on so much if you add disclaimers to your life or only wait for the “perfect” opportunities.

You are a special occasion. You deserve to celebrate that.

Now, I don’t have any sexy photos of champagne bottles, but I do have a killer session with Donyx Suicide that I’ve been dying to share, and since the whole point of this post was to do things when you want to do them, I’m going to share those photos now!

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