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F*ck Fear. Do It Anyways.

When Babe K booked her session, I knew she was a little nervous. Guess what? Everyone who books a session is! Fear is the biggest thing holding most women back from doing a boudoir shoot, and I get why. Our whole lives we are told that any "body flaw" we have isn't worth documenting, but a big part of self love is saying "fuck it" and showing off your body anyways. 100% of women are scared or nervous before their shoot. 100% end their session feeling like a total babe.

Babe K went through that transition. Was she scared at first? Yep. But did she kick this photo shoot's ass anyways? YES!!! And did I beam with pride for her? You betcha. Check out Babe K's thoughts and her photos and get ready to beam, as well.

What did you love about your session? Did you feel like you grew in any ways? I got engaged in October 2018 and immediately scheduled my boudoir session for July. I went to college with Alicia and have followed her career — I knew without a doubt that I wanted to support her and become 'Babe K'.

I have read almost every single Buxom Boudoir blog post; I am an active member in the Buxom Boudoir Facebook group and yet I still waited until the last minute (before our wedding in August) to do this photo shoot. Why? Because I was scared. Scared of documenting my weight and my scars from all my surgeries. I chose to fuck it. Everything Alicia and her Babes stand for is women supporting women. Believing in your sexy-ass self and living in the moment.

AND I am so incredibly lucky I chose to do this shoot when I did because as of yesterday, I was just scheduled for an emergency surgery.

Alicia made me laugh the entire time (not at myself, but with me). I was not self conscious at all – I embraced my scars and my weight. We laughed about DAT ASS and potential nip slips. It was like hanging out with a close friend (but in sexy clothes). Alicia demonstrated every position and made sure I was comfortable being my bad-ass self the whole time. I could not have had a more enjoyable experience nor could I recommend this enough. Do it. Do it for you. Yes, my initial thought was to schedule this as 'sexy photos for the fiancé', but, during the reveal session, I ended up choosing an entire set JUST FOR ME. Yes. For me. Thank you Alicia.

Would you ever do another boudoir shoot? Yes. 100%.

Ready to kick fear's butt? Let's set up your session!

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