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Fine Art Nudes and Ferns

One of the best pieces of advice I've gotten as a boudoir photographer is that once a month, I should do a creative shoot for fun. No expectations - just creativity and experimentation. These sessions are a chance to flex my artistic muscles. The ferns in my garden are huge, and I love shooting with them. When I asked Jane if she'd be willing to model with them, I was thrilled she agreed! It was time to get funky.

I dabbled with ferns a year or so ago, but this time, I wanted the focus of the shoot to be only the plants and the human form. No furniture, no props. I wanted a clean backdrop, simple makeup and loose curls. Then during editing, I played around with color toning and shapes. This style of editing is not my norm, so I loved having the chance to just play.

Would you do an artistic shoot like this? They're wonderful and I hope to shoot more in the future!

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