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Freckles for Days

You know what I love? Freckles! I don't have any, but I admire them on other people. Ironically, most people with freckles wish they didn't have them (or so it's seemed in my personal experience.) Thankfully, when I photograph babes like Babe K, I hear how - with time - they've grown to love their freckles.

That's what's so great about self-love or body neutrality. With time, you can grow to accept or love aspects about your body that your past self couldn't conceive of doing. Yay! I hope that whatever you're struggling with, one day you find a way to accept it, then maybe like it, and possibly even love it.

Babe K signed an anonymous release, but that doesn't mean we can't totally awe over her gorgeous session... and freckles!

“Those freckles make you seem like a galaxy of stars, just waiting to be explored and loved.” Nikita Gill

Ready to book your session? Contact me HERE! Let's get this self love party started.

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