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How a Photo Shoot Can Boost Your Self-Esteem

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I preach body positivity. If you’re a part of the Buxom Babes group on Facebook, you see my posts about self-esteem, self-love and body positivity all the time. While it’s easy to talk the talk, it’s hard to walk the walk. I get it. Body positivity takes so much more than the occasional meme or news article. We have to actively pursue it, and I truly believe that a boudoir photo shoot is one way to do so. Here’s why.

Compliments Boost Self-Esteem

I’m going to compliment you during your photo shoot. And probably a lot. These comments are not insincere or cliche. I genuinely mean every compliment I give. Everyone is gorgeous and sexy in a totally unique way and you deserve to have it pointed out to you. Gorgeous thighs? I’ll let you know. Amazing butt? I’ll tell you. Stunning smile? I’ll point it out. There are things that you may hate about yourself, and even if you don’t believe me, I’m going to tell you how beautiful you and those parts are. And guess what! You have to take it! There’s no “you’re wrong” or “no I don’t” in my studio. Elvira G. Aletta, Ph.D.wrote an article that explains how damaging to self-esteem rejecting compliments can be. A boudoir shoot is the perfect chance to start accepting them. She writes, “If we refuse to let people tell us how fabulous we are where does that leave us? It leaves us with the abusive junk.” You’re not perfect. None of us are. But you and your body are worthy of recognition. Use your photo shoot as a time to bask in the recognition!

Lingerie Can Empower You

Lingerie is fun in the bedroom, but it’s not just for your partner. When a woman wears lingerie for herself, it is actually really empowering and a confidence boost. It seems like lingerie is only meant for two things nowadays – to arouse a partner or to cover up our private parts. We’re either wearing something that gets ripped off in two seconds by our partner or we’re wearing something plain to keep our breasts under control in a tee shirt. These foundation garments can be sexy too, though! According to the article How Lingerie Empowers Women, And Not Just Sexually, “Feeling good in your lingerie is imperative, regardless of whether anyone else will sneak a peek of you in it or not.” A boudoir shoot is your chance to buy lingerie that YOU LOVE. Sometimes we feel like we aren’t allowed to treat ourselves to nice things – like quality, beautiful lingerie. But a boudoir shoot is your reason to splurge. Buy a sexy bra and panty set that you wear during your shoot or next Tuesday. No one has to know but you! You’d be shocked at how empowered you feel wearing beautiful lingerie when no one else knows. Personally, I’ll wear a slinky, sexy nightie to bed, and my husband works nights so he doesn’t even see it. It’s for me. I strut around the house before bed like the goddess I am.

You Have This Photo Shoot for Life

Feeling down about yourself? We all have those days. Take a peek at your photos and bam – instant pick me up. You’ll remember that you’re a force to be reckoned with. You’ll be able to see how beautiful your body is, even on days when your mind is telling you something different. I had one client tell me when she’s having a bad day, she looks at her album and it makes her feel better. That’s the whole point! Remember that these photos are for YOU before anyone else, and I hope looking at them weeks after your shoot or years after still provides the confidence boost you need.

Boudoir photo shoots are not a miracle cure for low self-esteem. Overcoming insecurities takes time and reflection. However, I think they’re one of the many things you can do to combat those insecurities. You’re sexy, smart, confident and beautiful. A boudoir photo shoot will prove it to you.

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