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How Do I Start Loving My Body?

Updated: Jan 12

In a world that often bombards us with unrealistic beauty standards and a constant stream of filtered images, it's easy to fall into the trap of self-doubt and body insecurity. But here's the truth: your body is unique, and it's deserving of your love and appreciation just as it is.

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If you're wondering how to start loving your body, I'm here to share some empowering steps to help you embark on this journey of self-love and body acceptance. It's a long can be hard, too. As someone who is still trucking along on her self-love journey, let me tell you that it's totally worth it!

Practice Gratitude:

One of the first steps to loving your body is practicing gratitude. Start by acknowledging all the amazing things your body allows you to do. From taking a deep breath to walking, dancing, and experiencing the world, your body is a miraculous vessel. Each morning, take a moment to thank your body for these incredible capabilities.

Dismantle Internalized Fatphobia:

Society perpetuates harmful stereotypes and unrealistic beauty ideals. Recognize that these standards are not a reflection of reality. Challenge internalized fatphobia by embracing a more inclusive and accepting view of beauty. Understand that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes - your body included!

Mind Your Inner Critic:

We all have an inner critic, that voice inside our heads that can be a total jerk. When it comes to your body, be mindful of this inner critic. Catch yourself when you're engaging in negative self-talk and replace those thoughts with positive affirmations. Treat yourself with kindness and compassion. It takes practice!

Shift Your Focus:

Instead of fixating on perceived flaws or imperfections, shift your focus to what you love about your body. It might be the way your eyes light up when you smile, your strong legs that carry you through the day, or your banging booty! Celebrate these aspects of yourself! If you don't have a favorite thing about yourself, take a minute right now to brainstorm. It can be something physical or something about your personality.

Surround Yourself with Positivity:

Your environment and the people you surround yourself with play a significant role in how you perceive your body. Seek out friends, social media accounts, and communities that promote body positivity and self-love. Unfollow accounts that make you feel insecure and create a supportive, affirming digital space.

Engage in Daily Practices:

Integrate daily practices that nurture your body and your mind. This could include mindfulness meditation, yoga, or simply taking a moment to appreciate your body in the mirror. I love to zendoodle. Self-care practices can foster a deeper connection with your body and help you embrace it with love and gratitude.

Move for Joy:

Exercise should be about feeling good, not about punishment. Find physical activities that bring you joy, whether it's dancing, hiking, or practicing yoga. The focus should be on how it makes you feel, both mentally and physically, rather than on changing your appearance.

Seek Professional Help if Needed:

If body image issues are significantly affecting your mental and emotional well-being, consider seeking support from a therapist or counselor. Professional guidance can help you navigate and heal the deeper layers of body insecurity. There's no shame in getting help!

Remember, the journey to loving your body is a process, and it's entirely unique to you. It's not about achieving a perfect body; it's about accepting and celebrating the unique, imperfect, and beautiful body you have right now. It takes time, practice, and self-compassion, but the result is a profound sense of self-love and empowerment that will radiate from within.

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