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Limited Edition Glass House Sessions

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

You deserve to feel like a work of art. You deserve to BE a work of art, and we're going to make that happen at my Limited Edition Glass House Sessions. You're going to finally see your body as the absolutely stunning masterpiece that it is, and I'm so excited for you! Schedule now for an available time slot before they are all taken.

Sessions will take place in Colgate, WI at a private glass greenhouse. Each client will have 20 minutes of shoot time, posing guidance, and an in-studio (located in Port Washington WI) ordering session scheduled at a later time where you can choose the art you want for your walls. I will also be bringing my robes for clients to borrow, including a brand new tulle robe! Now's the perfect time to capture you as your are.


  • Choose a time slot from the list below

  • Fill out the contact form below to secure your preferred time slot. You'll receive a welcome email from me which includes pricing and packages for artwork starting at $200 (images are sold separately), your selected time, a contract and session fee, and wardrobe tips. Session times are only held for 24 hours without a paid session fee.

Openings are limited and based on a first come, first serve basis

Sunday, Sept. 5

12:00 - TAKEN




2:00 - TAKEN

2:30 - TAKEN

3:00 - TAKEN

3:30 - TAKEN





6:00 - TAKEN

6:30 - TAKEN

7:00 - TAKEN

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