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Magic in the Glass House

Updated: May 26, 2020

When my friend Mithra (who you should totally be following on Instagram) bought a farm, I fell in love with the greenhouse the moment I set foot on the property. The entire farm is gorgeous, and Mithra and her husband are putting so much loving work into it, but there was something magical about the glass house. I knew I needed to shoot in it. Thankfully, Mithra supports my wonky ideas.

So does Lunariea, who agreed to model for me in this slightly run down but still overwhelmingly charming glass house. It's not the typical warm bed with fuzzy blankets and textured throws that I'm used to shooting with. It was dirty. It was buggy. It was wonderful.

Thank you to these two people who let me do something creative and outside my element. This may be my favorite shoot from 2019. I've never done anything like it, and to have the opportunity to play, be silly, and try something new is an opportunity I always be gracious for.

Enjoy the magic.

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