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Playing with my New Angel Wings

Updated: May 26, 2020

One of my favorite things to do as a photographer is to straight up play. When I get a new prop, I want to mess around with it before I use it with clients. It's fun just to play, and I want to make sure I understand the best ways to shoot something before a ask a client to use it. When Laura Lynne Boudoir Photography graciously gifted me these wings, I needed to shoot them immediately. There so cool! How could I not? Thankfully, my bff and muse was available and willing to hang out near freezing cold Lake Michigan so we could make art together!

Get out there and play, folks. It's fun! Playing gets the creative juices flowing, sparks inspiration, and puts joy back into your work. Not everything has to be about making money or artwork with a deep meaning. Goofing around, having fun and playing are just as meaningful and worthwhile. Go play!

Want to book a session with these angel wings? We can use them inside or outside, which is rad. Let's chat about setting up your session!.

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