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Sex, Glitter and a Pun

Self-love should be a celebration, and what better way to boogie than with confetti, sequins and colorful lights. When Babe K came to the studio for a creative session, we hit it off immediately and got to talking about the importance of self-care and accepting our bodies. We also chit chatted about tacos, sang along to the Buxom Boudoir playlist, and pretty much laughed through the entire session.

The real magic kicked in the moment I busted out the Clitter, though. Yes, that’s confetti shaped like uteri, labia, and breasts, and yes, it’s a pun. When Babe K saw it, she said “sex, glitter and a pun – 3 of my favorite things!”

This is the first session since my rebrand, and I think it perfectly fits the vibe I want my studio to have. Boudoir is a lot of freaking fun! It’s so much more than just sexy pictures, and while intimate portraits are what you’ll physically walk away with, it’s the lasting feeling of empowerment and confidence I really want my clients to get.

I asked Babe K to share her thoughts on self-love and her body’s journey, which she gladly did:

Growing up, confidence felt as distant and out of reach as bird on a high branch. Beautiful, radiant, and desired, but still out of reach. As I grew older, I grew taller, and that bird on the branch came closer and closer, but for a long time still felt far away. Working with Alicia put that bird right into the palms of my hands. I might have even became that bird for a minute or two, myself. Getting in front of the camera and stripping down was one of the most liberating things I’ve done in a long time. My boyfriend felt the same way. We felt sexy, close, confident, and free. And the photos taken, in my opinion, reflected these emotions flawlessly. To embrace our bodies and truly be those birds on branches, however, we have to love not just the glamorous photos, but ourselves as the subjects of the pictures in our entirety, even after the camera is put away. This is a feeling and lesson that working with Alicia has taught me. All bodies are beautiful bodies. So I’m choosing to spread my wings out and love my beautiful body, too.

Ready to love your body like Babe K? Let’s set up a session!

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