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Telling Babe K's Story

I'm so excited to finally share Babe K's photos! She surprised her fiancé with these photos, and more importantly, she used them as a tool to celebrate her body. She came in with an open mind and ended up with photos that show how sensual, sexy and powerful she is. Like many of us, she's still growing and learning to love her body, but this shoot is something she can look back on and be proud of. Self love is a forever journey, but it's a great journey to be on.

Check out her boudoir shoot and her story, and if you're ready to book your session, click here.

How do you feel about your body? Complicated 😂. I’ve lost 175 pounds and come a long way, but still have insecurities and don’t feel good enough for my fiancé a lot of the time. Comparison is my constant their of joy.

What's your best tip for feeling sexy? A good fitting pair of jeans can really change your feelings about your booty, same with flattering panties.

How do you feel about your age? I fee better at 30 than I ever felt during my 20’s

What gets better with age? Sex, cheese, wine, men, and women

What's the best compliment you've ever received? That I’m radiant and light up a room

What do you wish you could tell your younger self? You can have a healthy relationship with food. Don’t depend on it when you’re low and don’t let it dictate your highs. There’s more to life, and not loving it so much will allow you to live more of it.

Describe yourself in five words Bubbly, boisterous, warm, sensitive, extrovert

What have you overcome or accomplished that you're proud of? Losing 175 lbs and leaving a relationship that no longer served me

On bad body image days, how will you remind yourself that you're awesome? Looking at my buxom boudoir photos! 😂❤️ And leaning on my fiancé

What's your favorite form of self care? A good work out, a nice facial, and a mani pedi

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