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Two Best Friends, a Frog, and the Beach

We've had snow for approximately one week, and I'm already over it. Let's escape away to a beach session I did this summer on the shores of Lake Michigan and pretend like our yards aren't buried under 12 inches of snow. I can't wait for the weather to warm up and schedule more Great Lakes sessions!

Babe J and her friend, Babe H, made the drive from Illinois to stroll the beach with me, wear their favorite swimsuits and lingerie, and shoot in the far warmer than right now Lake Michigan. Half way through, a frog decided to join in the fun, and it's hard for me to saw "no" to adorable amphibians that want to partake in photo shoots.

All bodies are beach bodies, and I feel super privileged that so many humans trust me to photograph them in their suits. Beach sessions might just be my favorite subset of my photography, and I look forward to what sessions the spring and summer bring in 2021.

Would you book a beach session? It feels freaking empowering to unleash your inner Swimsuit Illustrated model.

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