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What Do We Do During a Session? We Laugh!

Updated: May 26, 2020

Want to know what goes down during a boudoir session at Buxom Boudoir? Well, there's a lot of laughter. A LOT. When you scroll through any of my sessions, you're going to see one or two shots of someone busting a gut. That's because boudoir is fun, not scary or intimidating. (Ok, ok, it can be scary and intimidating, but only for the first 5 minutes. I promise!)

Here's how I like to run my sessions:

First, we start with hair and makeup. That lasts about and hour to an hour and a half, and I love this time because we get to know one another a whole lot better. My stylist, myself and you just chat and laugh before your session begins, which I find helps people relax. It's a really great way to start the day.

Then, if we haven't already, we will go through all your outfits, and I'll help you pick the best three. If you want to borrow an item from my studio wardrobe, we can look at that, too. Once we have your outfits assembled, you'll change into your first one and start the session!

I like to start with booty shots. It's a great way for folks to get familiar with me and the sound of the camera without ever looking at me. I'm just photographing your butt! Plus, booty poses start warming up your back muscles, which will come in handy with many other poses.

Once you're feeling a little more comfortable, we'll start doing poses that have your face in them. Most of the time, though, your eyes will be closed or you'll be looking off to the distance. We will definitely do shots where you're looking at the camera, but I know those can be intimidating, so I like to do those later in the session. Way less scary that way!

Throughout the session, I'll show you exactly how to pose, but if the mood strikes you to do your own thing, go for it! We also talk a lot about your life, your story and what you like to do for fun. There will be many bad puns and dad jokes on my part, so look forward to that. To me, sessions feel like two friends hanging out (one of them just happens to be in underwear.)

I can tell you how much fun it is or what a liberating experience boudoir is, but you really should talk to my clients to learn about that. Case in point, check out Babe L's session and what she wrote me after my session. Did my heart explode getting her email? Yes, yes it did.

Wisconsin Boudoir Photography

"My head is still reeling from this experience! In a positive way! First I’d like to thank you.  I appreciate the opportunity you gave me to step WAY out of my comfort zone, you can definitely tell a lot of thought and preparation goes into everything you do and I appreciated it, it made me feel comfortable and relaxed. I loved that you spent time showing me what you were looking for and laughing with me (not at me ) when I was unsure. I feel like closer to the end I was more sure of my poses and facial expressions.  Absolutely hands down I would do this again!! I feel like I’d have double the confidence and own the moment better!! I don’t necessarily feel like I have a better relationship with my body. I have already been working on that for awhile however seeing the images and not focusing on the “I hates” I had a lot of wow dang girl!! That hard work is paying off thoughts !! I plan to keep upping my game and challenging myself to be the best mom, wife and friend that I can be. 

If anyone would ever ask me about boudoir photography and should the or shouldn’t they my answer will always be YES!! do it no regrets!! I’m glad I had the opportunity to work with you! We were complete strangers yet I felt like I knew you for years and like we were two good friends hanging out.  Your work is stunning you reinvent yourself and are pushing yourself outside your comfort zone and I love that I got to be a small part of that!! Thank you Alicia at Buxom Boudoir for helping me grow ."

Wisconsin Boudoir Photography

Wisconsin Boudoir Photography

Let's all just take a moment to appreciate the fact the Babe L blessed us with her booty.

Wisconsin Boudoir Photography

Wisconsin Boudoir Photography

colorful boudoir photography

Wisconsin Boudoir Photography

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