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Your body love experience starts here.

Wisconsin's premier boudoir studio focused on body liberation and joy.

Celebrate Your Glorious Body

Self love is hard. The entire world wants you to think your body isn't good enough. You need to change your stretchmarks. You have to lose weight. Your body needs to be different.


At Buxom Boudoir, we don't believe any of that.


Instead, we celebrate our kickass bodies! Let's throw a party in your body's honor, and give it the love and attention it deserves. It’s time to honor every wrinkle, roll, freckle and dimple, and a boudoir shoot can help you do that. In our studio, you are not judged; you're empowered.

You are celebrated.

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You deserve to finally see how amazing your body is. 

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[Alicia] saved my life with my first shoot. She helped me own my power, prowess, my gender, my sexuality and the love for myself that I hid in a deep, dark place long ago. She helped me come out in such a beautiful and powerful way. - Babe M

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Meet Alicia

Struggling with your body image or self care? I feel that. I've struggled with body image my entire life, and you know what? It's exhausting! I spent decades hating the body that I have. One day, I thought, "this is such a waste of time and energy," but I didn't know how to change my mindset.

After a lot of reading, soul searching, and research, I found ways to change my thinking, and one of those was boudoir. After booking my own session, I knew this is what I needed to do for other people. 

Poking and prodding at my body, crying while looking at the mirror, yo-yo dieting and avoiding the beach - that's not the life for me anymore. It shouldn't be the life for you either. You deserve SO MUCH MORE. 

I started Buxom Boudoir so that women could celebrate their bodies. Our bodies are awesome! They do such much for us every day, and we often overlook them. I try to celebrate and thank my body as often as I can, and my studio allows women to do the same. 

Let your body know it's worthy of love, compassion and honor. Celebrate that gorgeous body of yours.


More than a Photo Shoot

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Buxom Boudoir is a luxury, full service studio. This means you're pampered, guided and helped during the entire process.  Each session is customized for every client, we provide hair and makeup services, lingerie is available for use in xs-6x, and your questions will always be answered. 

The artwork and products at Buxom Boudoir are heirloom quality. I've spent years curating collections that I know my clients will love and cherish forever. From the moment you book your discovery call to the moment your art is in your hands, we're creating an experience that improves the relationship you have with your body. 


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