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5 Reasons to Treat Yourself with Portrait Photography

5 Reasons to Treat Yourself with Portrait Photography

When’s the last time you did something just for you? Something big and amazing that was solely for you? I’m going to guess it’s been a hot minute. I get it – life is crazy busy and we take care of everyone else before ourselves. That’s what makes you an amazing mother, friend, wife, sister or coworker. But your body and mind need TLC, too.

You could treat yourself to a day at the spa or by purchasing a new outfit. I think if you’re really going to treat yourself, you should go all out and try something more permanent. Portrait photography is a fantastic way to show your body a little love. Plus, you’ll have stunning photos to look back on whenever you need a pick me up. Here’s why you need to try boudoir portrait photography at least once in your life:

A Portrait Session Gets You Out of the House

Who else sometimes feels like they are stuck in the house? And even when you spend all your time inside watching your children, cooking, cleaning and doing everything else a mom or housewife does, the work still doesn’t feel done! It’s frustrating. Sometimes we just need a break, and a photo shoot gives you exactly that. You get an hour and a half to two and a half hours to relax, enjoy some wine, engage in girl talk and just have fun.

You Get a Makeover

Getting your hair and makeup done professionally is the best feeling ever. I started in this industry as a makeup artist, and the look on someone’s face when they saw themselves glammed up always made my day. You’ll look and feel like a million bucks once a professional curls your hair and gives you a smoky eye. And then you’ll rock it out during your portrait photography session.

You Can Enjoy Your Portraits for Years

The reason I moved into portrait photography from makeup artistry is because I wanted to give women something more permanent to boost their self-esteem. When you book a shoot, you get to choose how you want your images delivered. You can have an album, a metal portrait, a glass box with prints or something else from the studio products. These are keepsakes. You can return to your photos whenever you’re feeling down, and you’ll get an instant confidence boost.

It Feels Amazing to Embrace Your Sexiness

As women, we’re told how to act, how to dress, how to talk, etc. almost every day. We’re told “be sexy but don’t be too sexy.” “Be modest but show some skin.” We’re told how to be sexy, how to embrace our sexuality and how to feel about our bodies. Not in the boudoir studio. You can embrace your sexiness however you want. I’ll guide you along the way so we get the best photos possible, but you’re always the one in control. And it feels so good to be sexy the way YOU WANT to be sexy.

Your Self-Confidence Will Be Sky High

I know when I’m feeling down about myself, I want to hide under blankets and layers of clothes. Sometimes, though, this ends up making me feel worse. You’d be surprised how much better you’ll feel about your body when you spend time with it. Pamper it. Show it some love. During a boudoir shoot, there’s no way to hide from it. Your body is out and you need to flaunt it! After a few hours, you’ll love your body even more. Then, when you see your photos, you’ll really love how your body looks. You’ll see things about it maybe you didn’t see before.

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