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Brides of Every Age Deserve to Feel Beautiful

When we think of bridal boudoir or you do any kind of Google search for it, you’ll come across tons of beautiful twenty-somethings draped in veils and donning white lingerie, but twenty-somethings aren’t the only babes who get married. Women of all ages get married, and don’t they deserve an epic bridal boudoir shoot, too? Uhhhh HELL YEAH.

No matter your age, size, shape, etc., if you’re getting married, you deserve to feel stunning, loved and appreciated. You deserve to feel confident! That’s exactly how Babe S felt. She was comfortable in her skin, and knew dang well how great she looked. This level of security doesn’t happen over night. Babe S is a mother, a grandmother, a business owner, an actress and a breast cancer survivor. She’s overcome a lot of adversity, and as we talked, I could see her strength shining through. I was excited to capture it! She’s a stunning babe who has a million amazing qualities and – fun fact – got married just a few days after our shoot!

This session proves that no matter the age, all brides to be can rock a bridal boudoir shoot. Babe S was a beautiful bride and women her age deserve to see themselves represented by the wedding and boudoir industry.

If you’re interested in setting up a shoot, I’d love to chat! You can contact me HERE.

Bride = Shel Parham Location = The Iron Horse Hotel Hair = Illuminate-Hair and Makeup Make-Up = Rejuvenate & Escape Day Spa, LLC. Florist = Locker’s Florist Event Coordinator = White Night Photography Wedding Dress = Mignonette Bridal Jewelry = David Liska Custom Jeweler

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