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Happy Halloween from Buxom Boudoir

Happiest of spookiest days to you! I love Halloween, so of course I have to do a Halloween session every year. This year, I was inspired by a TJ Maxx skeleton and murder robes.

I picked up Earnst the skeleton, lovingly named by Babe J during this session, at TJ Maxx and knew I needed to do a session with him. I also have quite the collection of robes at the studio. These robes are often referred to as "murder robes" by my clients and me because wearing them feels like your a femme fatale in a 1940s film noir. "No officer....I have no idea how arsenic got into my husband's coffee...." I asked Babe J if she'd want to do a Halloween session with me, and she was on board! All that was left was the story... I hope you enjoy this spooky session and poem about a woman who chose freedom via apple seed arsenic and now has a gentle husband who never says a word. In the shadowed room,

A tale unfolds,

Of dark secrets hidden,

And sorrows untold.

A woman, weary,

Her spirit confined,

By chains of a husband,

Ungentle, unkind.

With each passing day,

The torment increased,

Her soul slowly withered,

Her spirit decreased.

A captive of fear,

In her own dismal cell,

She wept in the shadows,

A personal Hell.

But deep in her heart,

A spark yet remained,

A flicker of hope,

A fire unchained.

In the garden she toiled,

With secrets she sowed,

From apple seeds poisoned,

Revenge she bestowed.

The potion she brewed,

With a devilish grace,

A liquid of venom,

A sinister embrace.

The glass she presented,

Her tormentor unaware,

He drank the cursed draft,

His fate should beware.

As the poison took hold,

In his eyes, dread grew,

His breath became labored,

His face turned to blue.

In the dark, she beheld

Her revenge take its toll,

Her abuser defeated,

His grip on her soul.

Yet in the stillness of darkness,

A twist of the plot,

Her husband transformed,

To a husband she sought.

He became but a skeleton,

Silent and cold,

His cruel heart, forever stilled,

His terror consoled.

Now free from her tormentor,

Her heart found its grace,

She'd rid herself of the darkness,

The shadows that chased.

With the dawn of each day,

She rebuilt her own life,

Freed from her captor,

Her soul, no more strife.

In this tale of redemption,

A lesson unfolds,

That darkness can change,

As the story is told.

In the end, she found freedom,

From fear she'd abscond,

For he's a better husband

As a skeleton in the beyond.

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