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Hey Brides - You're Already Gorgeous

Updated: May 26, 2020

Hey bride-to-be. I see you with your mile long to-do list, your giant Pinterest board and all the other things currently on your plate. I see you stressing over how you'll look on the big day. The wedding industry can be crazy judgmental, and it feels like everyone has something to say about how you look or how your dress fits. Give yourself a break. You're already gorgeous, and you'll look beautiful on your big day.

That's the good energy I was sending to Babe R before her wedding day..She was working hard on herself before the wedding to build up her confidence, and boudoir is a kickass way to do that. Not only did she enjoy well-deserved R&R, but she built up her self-love. I was really proud pf the confidence I saw growing in her. I hope she's proud, too!

"I am working on my self confidence, self esteem, [and] positive self image. I want to be able to document this time in my life for my future husband."

It's evident that Babe R is a gorgeous human. She's outwardly and inwardly beautiful. I think she just might be the most genuine person I've met, but it doesn't matter what I think of her. What matters is what she thinks of herself, and this session helped her see her body in a positive way. She's stunning, and I hope these photos will always remind her of that.

Also, I had the wonderful opportunity to do the makeup for her wedding and I've seen the wedding photos - SHE WAS A GORGEOUS BRIDE!

If you're struggling with self-love before you wedding day, you need to check out my guide "Body Positivity for Brides." You'll get a lot out of it, and I hope it teaches you how to build a better relationship with your body.

Ready to book your session? Let's set something up! You deserve to feel gorgeous, too.

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