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In-Home Boudoir In Mexico? Nope…It’s Winter in Wisconsin

One of the perks of being a photographer is getting to travel for the job. So far, I’ve pretty much hung around southern Wisconsin, but I’m hoping to travel this year, and it all started with this in-home session.

With it’s warm vibes, beautiful plants and bright colors, you’d think I was in Mexico…alas, I wasn’t. I was in Wisconsin in the winter, and yes, it did snow on the way home. It sure didn’t feel that way when Babe L and I were shooting! Her living room felt like a tropical getaway, and then her bedroom felt like a cute bungalow you’d find on the beach.

In-home boudoir sessions are quickly becoming a favorite of mine (especially for couples) because it adds another level of intimacy and is comfortable for the babe I’m shooting. It’s fun to explore a new space for me, and it’s less intimidating for the person in front of the camera. If you want to capture the uniqueness of your house, then an in-home session would be perfect for you!

And if you wanna warm up, check out this photos from Babe L’s boudoir shoot.

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