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What Lingerie Photographs Well?

“What should I wear?” It’s a question I get all the time from my babes before their photo shoots. I have a wardrobe with lots of items to choose from, but I still encourage women to bring a few items of their own A) because if they don’t like anything I have, they have a backup and B) because you should own at least one set of sexy lingerie to wear when you need a boost. If you’re on a quest for lingerie that will look great during your shoot, here’s my two cents.

Dark Colors are Hot

I’m a dark and moody kind of girl. Most of my work has heavy shadows and I how sultry blacks and shadows make a photo feel. I love shooting women in dark clothing, as well. Black is super sexy! It’s also really forgiving, so if you’re a little worried about a part of your body, black will slim it down. Also, I have white and grey bedding in my studio, and dark colors look beautiful on both.

Lingerie with Textures

I love texture. It adds to the dimension of a photograph, which is why I have throws, blankets and rugs with varying fur textures. Your lingerie can add texture to your shoot, as well. Lace and embroidery are stunning on lingerie. You can even try velvet, sequins and glitter if you want something a little more funky. Keep in mind that mixing and matching textures in your outfit can be cool (like leather with lace) but it can also be risky. If you’re not sure if two pieces will work together, feel free to ask me!

Lingerie that Fits

No matter what you choose, make sure your lingerie fits! If you’re self-conscience, I know it’s tempting to cover your body with baggy clothes. Tight fitting lingerie is going to photograph the best, though. This is your chance to show off your body – I don’t want to hide it under bulky clothes. If you have areas you’re self-conscience about, we can work with that via posing. Don’t fear a tight body suit or lingerie outfit!

As with all rules, these can be broken. I wouldn’t even call them rules – just suggestions that I know work well. Happy lingerie shopping, babes!

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