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Meet Jen, Buxom Boudoir’s Awesome Hair Stylist

I’m thrilled to introduce you to Jen, Buxom Boudoir’s hair stylist, and the woman behind most of the big, bouncy curls you see in my photography. Jen has been with me since the beginning, and I was so happy when we decided to finally do a shoot with her. She even noted that she was excited to see what life was like on the other side for once! In addition to kicking her photo shoot’s butt, Jen and I chatted a little more about what got her interested in hair and how she feels about working in the boudoir studio. Check out her photos and her interview to get to know this bomb ass babe a little better!

What got you interested in hair? I’ve always loved doing hair. I also have always loved helping people feel beautiful when doing their hair. It’s a skill I’ve always had and always enjoyed doing.

How long have you been a hair stylist? I’ve been doing hair for about three and a half years now!

Why do you enjoy working with women before their photo shoots? I love working with women in these photo shoots because I know that a good hair style is one of the things I can contribute to making a woman feel sexy and confident, and what I do is just a part of what this entire experience. I love working in this team of beauticians and Alicia!

How did you feel during your boudoir shoot? I was a little self conscious the entire time but also felt excited!

Do you do anything to build your self-confidence or self-love? To build my self-confidence, I do my hair. As funny as that sounds, my hair has always been my safety net. I take care of my skin and treat myself to manicures and pedicures because I think that pampering yourself sometimes IS self love!

What advice would you give to a woman who is trying to love herself more? My advice to any woman out there trying to build their self confidence is to stop comparing yourself to anyone else, INCLUDING your past self. I struggle with this CONSTANTLY. Embrace the body that you’re in now. It’s been through so much and there’s a reason why you’re sexy TODAY. ❤️

Want to meet Jen in person? Contact me to set up your boudoir session!

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