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Not Your Momma’s Bridal Boudoir

Bridal boudoir consists of veils, white lingerie, garter belts and nude high heels, right? Sure, it can, but we can go a whole lot farther than that! Bridal boudoir can be anything you want it to be, and since I’m a big believer that boudoir is a personal tool for self-love and not just something you do for a partner, your session should be creative and unique for you!

If that means getting wet in a shower, dripping honey on your body, throwing confetti everywhere, or – in Babe M’s case – covering your nips in body glitter, then do it!

You can push your boudoir session way outside the traditional confines of what bridal boudoir is. Start with the memorable pieces, like your honeymoon lingerie or your veil, but then feel free to get funky!

There are no rules. You do you. Just like any other boudoir session, bridal boudoir is FOR YOU! Wear what you love. Make it personal, and do whatever you’ve got to do to feel your absolute best!

BONUS: Bridal Affirmations to Say Before Your Wedding Day

I will choose to be happy on my wedding day.

I will be a beautiful bride because I am already a beautiful person.

My partner loves me just as I am.

There are no wrong decisions in wedding planning. It’s my day; I can do what I want.

I accept myself unconditionally.

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