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Regaining Your Relationship with Yourself

Think of all the relationships you’re responsible for maintaining. Your partner, children, teachers, friends, parents, siblings, the person at the coffee shop who truly understands how you like your latte….you get it. The list feels infinite, and we almost always push ourselves towards the bottom of it. Despite the fact that we are with ourselves 24/7, we still need to work on the relationship we have with our own bodies.

Is regaining this relationship easy? No. Will it happen in just a few hours? Also no, especially if you’ve been neglecting yourself for a long time. Anything that’s been neglected for years will take time to fix. Your thoughts and feelings towards your body are no different. It takes self-reflection, saying “no” to other things in your life so you have time for you, it takes practice and a whooooole lot of patience.

It’s worth it, though. As you spend time nurturing your relationship with your body, you’ll see your confidence grow. Your self-esteem will rise, and you’ll be a happier person. Put yourself higher on your list. You deserve the same attention that you give to all the other wonderful people in your life.

Babe E felt that during her session. This session positively impacted her life in a way I don’t think she was expecting. She feels like she’s finally reconnecting to her body, and I’m over the moon about it.

What did you love about your session? Did you feel like you grew in any ways? Share as much as you’d like! I loved how comfortable and laid back you were. Showing me and helping to pose me made me feel confident. I like that you made me feel like the only woman in the world. It made me feel powerful beautiful and sexy. I feel like I was able to regain and reattach my relationship with myself when I left. I still find myself thinking back to these feelings daily to remember that I am beautiful and sexy and that I look amazing just how I am. 

Would you ever do another boudoir shoot? Already planning it!

Do you feel like you have a better relationship with your body? What will you do in the future to show yourself some self-love? I can already feel myself being less critical and more kind to my body. I think that I will have these pictures to look back to and remind me myself how amazing I look and should feel. Before this I found myself very detached from my body, and shameful of it. Alicia gave me back my relationship with my body to realize just how perfect it is now.

Any words of advice to someone who is nervous about boudoir? My advise would be to go for it. Give yourself the chance to see just how beautiful you body is. Everyone has insecurities, but those are what make us so unique and beautiful.

Why did you choose Buxom Boudoir? After seeing the work, and a recommendation from a close friend, Alicia fit the standards that I was looking for. Highlighting every body type in her portfolio was the biggest thing for me.

If you want to know more about how a boudoir session can help you reconnect with yourself, shoot me an email. If you have questions, I have answers. Let’s celebrate you!

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