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Shooting with Mega Babe L

You know it’s going to be an amazing shoot when your guest says “I can’t wait to get naked!” When Babe L arrived, her energy was high and she was excited, which made me even more excited! She brought lots of different, gorgeous pieces of lingerie, and – a first for me – she brought wigs, too! I loved the variety it gave us. She was confident and powerful during her shoot, and she rocked it out!

“We must act out passion before we can feel it.” -Jean-Paul Sartre

Babe L also took me up on my wet tank top offer. If a woman really wants to step out of her comfort zone, I love offering them this option. I keep a few tank tops on hand and I get them soaking wet. Everyone’s boobs look great in a wet shirt. The real fun happens when I cut a tiny slit into the top and my client gets to rip the tank top to shreds! If that doesn’t leave you feeling like a badass, I’m not sure what will.

XO, Alicia

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