There's a Powerful, Bada$$ in There

Updated: May 26, 2020

Babe D came back to the studio, and every time we shoot, the whole room fills with badassery.

Whether it's your first boudoir session or your fifth, you're going to look powerful, sensual and comfortable in your body. I get why boudoir seems scary. Everything we've been taught about our bodies is suddenly obsolete. How do we shut off that inner critic? How do we become instantly ok with stretch marks or cellulite being on display? Boudoir won't solve all your body image problems, but it does give you the opportunity to exist and celebrate your body in a 100% judgement-free space. Your body can do whatever it does, and if you're not worried about your body, then the powerful badass inside of you can come out.

You deserve to feel powerful in your body. You have accomplished so much inside this body! Let it shine.

Ready to feel like a badass? Let's set up your session!

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