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Thrift Store Finds

I recently challenged myself to find boudoir wardrobe pieces at Goodwill, which is definitely not the first place you’d think to go for sexy wardrobe. However, I wanted to give it a go to show that boudoir items can come from unexpected places, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money (although luxury lingerie is amaaaazing. I would die for a Catherine D’Lish robe.) You can find cute bras, panties, t-shirts, and even bodysuits at department stores, and thrift stores are great for off the wall items like big accessories, shirts you’re willing to cut or rip, and fur coats. If you’re really into vintage items, thrift stores are your perfect shopping spot, too.

So what did I find on my trek through Goodwill? I feel like I got lucky. I found a brand new crop top graphic tee that said “No bra. Hair up. Sweats on” as well as a cute pair of pajama booty shorts. Conservative outfits like this are great for women who are really nervous about their session. We can start with something that covers a decent amount of skin, and once you’re comfortable, we can move on to more revealing pieces. An outfit like this is also perfect for the person who wants a comfy, cozy shoot rather than a hyper sexual one. I also found brand new earrings from Target. A lot of clearance items from the Target down the road end up at my Goodwill, which is awesome.

The other item I found was a vintage nightie top. I’m guessing it came from the 60s, but I could be wrong. I paired it with a dollar thong I bought online. For posterity’s sake, DO NOT BUY UNDERWEAR FROM THRIFT STORES. Babe T brought her own shoes, and we decided to keep the same earrings on. Of course, we had to eventually add glitter eye shadow because I’m all about that life.

Overall, I’m stoked about what I found at Goodwill. It was definitely a challenge, and I spent a lot of time looking for pieces I thought would work, but I love what I found, especially the tee shirt. I’m adding that permanently to the Buxom Boudoir wardrobe. What I want you to take away from this is that if lingerie stores are not readily available to you, or you hate shopping online, you can find outfits just about anywhere. Also, I have lots of items you can borrow, or you can just shoot nude! Finding outfits for your shoot should be fun, and I hope you find amazing pieces. Happy shopping!

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