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Tough Journey to Self-Love

When Babe E reached out to me, right from the get-go I knew this was going to be a powerful experience for her. She is so kind, funny and sweet – not to mention freaking gorgeous – and she wanted to do a session so she could see herself in a new, powerful way. She is growing, and boudoir needed to be a part of that growth. Honestly, I could prattle on, but I think reading exactly what Babe E had to share about her session would be best. Babe E is the reason I do what I do. I’m extremely proud of her, and I want nothing more for her than to realize how absolutely amazing she is. She’s getting there. Keep going, babe, because you are a treasure.

Would you mind sharing what all you loved about the experience? Honestly, everything about the shoot! From the time I inquired about a session to the reveal, everything was seriously amazing. There was so much self love.

Would you ever do another boudoir shoot? Absolutely! I already have ideas running through my mind.

Do you feel like you have a better relationship with your body? What will you do in the future to show yourself some self-love? Yes! I am obsessing over my pictures and seeing myself in a whole new light.

This session was my ‘reward’ for my tough journey to self love. I’m going to keep investing in myself and also keep going on adventures. Those are my treats to myself. Also, I’m going to keep reminding myself of all the great things about myself.

Any words of advice to someone who is nervous about boudoir? Don’t be! Easier said than done, I know! Having the right photographer makes the world of difference. I was excited but super nervous before my shoot. As soon as I walked in and started talking with Alicia, I was immediately at ease. Remember that you’re doing this for you and you deserve to invest in yourself. If you’re anything like me, you tend to put everyone else first and yourself last. Put yourself first for once and freaking rock your shoot! I promise that you absolutely will not regret doing boudoir and you’ll see yourself in a whole new way.

Why did you choose Buxom Boudoir? I did so much research on a photographer and was overwhelmed. Buxom Boudoir was one of the last sites I came across before almost giving up. The more I looked at the website and different reviews I knew this would be the place for me. I absolutely love the fact that you are such a self love ambassador! Having struggled with depression the way I saw myself was morphed. That caused my journey for self love and my session was my ‘reward’. It was SO refreshing to have someone be my cheerleader and remind me why I was doing this. Again, looking at the website made me sure I was going to get that with Buxom Boudoir!

Not gonna lie…I got a little choked up reading her responses. She makes my heart so happy.

This babe dominates in strappy lingerie! She brought the body chain and wasn’t sure if it would pair well, but I’m so happy she wore it. I love the different textures. I think this outfit is the physical embodiment of what this shoot did for Babe E and all she’s accomplished. It was outside her comfort zone, which self-love adventures normally are. But she ran with it, and the end result is phenomenal.

If you’re on your own journey, boudoir can help. Contact meabout setting up your session.

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