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Video Games and Cute Butts

I don’t even want to say much about this couples boudoir session from my time shooting in Appleton WI because it’s so dang cute and sexy that I just want to get into it! They were so snuggley and ready to try any pose I threw at them. I really think their session speaks for itself; it’s obvious they’re crazy for one another. Instead of me prattling on about the two of them, I asked them to share their thoughts on their relationship. Check out their session and my conversation with Michaela.

How would you describe your relationship? Our relationship.. is probably like any other truthful couple’s answer. It’s complicated. We have personal issues. We have relationship issues. But we ultimately know we love each other more than anyone and anything else. We ultimately know we want the very best for each other. It took so much growth and strength and learning to get there, but we know at the end of the day we can go to bed with hugs and laughs. We know there isn’t a challenge we can’t overcome together. Our relationship has tested us in ways, and taught us lessons, that I never would have imagined enduring for or with anyone else. But Zech has always made me want to try harder. He has always made me want to come back home to him.

What did you get out of doing a couples boudoir session? Do you feel closer? I don’t think there is a “closer” for Zech and I, haha. We are partners in everything we do. Our Boudoir session did make us feel incredible, though. Going in, Zech was a little nervous because he had never done “Boudoir” before, but Alicia made us comfortable, and as soon as we knew it, Zech and I were in our normal goofy and smiley moods. We had such a blast.

How do you two spend time together? We can do anything together. Literally anything and it’s better because the other is there. Zech comes with me to all of my shoots; we have built up my business together. We shop for materials for my business, we go on little trips to see sites, we visit friends. There’s nothing that we wouldn’t do together.

How do you show your love towards one another? I think the best way to show love, is to just be there for one another. We try to learn and recognize each other’s needs and fill them. We both care so much for the other’s well-being and health. Making each other feel taken care of and valued and heard is the best way to show love.

What do you do to grow stronger as a couple? We recognize we need each other, but also recognize we need periods of time to breathe and grow. Being in a relationship where we rely on each other a lot, growth can plateau a bit. We always want to support each other, provide for each other, be together… but never lose sight of our individuality and personal identity. I think a good balance of time together and time apart is important in a relationship. Constantly working on ourselves will always make us a stronger couple. You have to want the best for not only them, but yourself too.

Want the same kind of experience for you and your partner? Let’s set up a session!

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